The method of use a cell phone to test a cracked iphone LCD screen/display

When you recycle or remodel an iPhone cracked LCD screen, it is advisable to check whether iPhone Liquid crystal display is good or bad. But just how do you test a broken Vast screen? Many friends think the actual LCD is good, but when you can purchase the iPhone cracked tv screen in the market, the professional folks may tell them that the LCD screen has many defects. It means a reduction. So, we need to know how to examination an iPhone LCD well.

There’s two ways of testing the Liquid crystal screens. One way is using the tester; the other way is utilizing an used iPhone to test. A tester is fast and simple, but it’s not good enough to see the touchscreen fully. Using an iPhone to try the LCD screen is gradual, but it is comprehensive.

Now I most certainly will share you our expertise in how to use an iPhone to test your LCD screen. These steps are generally for Apple iPhone LCDs. But you can test Samsung, Sony or other brands phones with respect the same ways. You can see the image about “iPhone + extended flex cable” since below:

We can sell you these flex cables, they are usually 3 to 4 USD depending on what models.

Now we start testing measures:

1)Check the screen visual appearance and connect the LCD screen to iPhone

When you start to test your LCD display, you need check towards the cracked LCD apperance initial. If the LCD or flex cable is broken very badly such as lack of several corner, you can judge that it LCD has no value. When you could decide it, you should connect the LCD screen to a iPhone, turn on the Digital. If the screen could not end up being turned on when the connection involving cables are good, it is considered as a “black screen” and it is considered to doesn’t have any value or little price.

2) test the Live view screen touch function

Press in addition to hold an app icon and move from the ouside LCD so that you can inside. Please see the video.

Three) check the LCD if there are colouring spots, pressure spots

Four) test if the flex cord connecting is not good.

Okay. Now you can confirm the LCD screen is a great one, if you could not see any disorders after the steps above. Do you find it very easy? Hope this post will assist you to.

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